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The most stronger felling in the world it’s the happiness you fell when you meet your favorite artists! It’s so amazing meet the 5 members of a boy band who you in love for two years! These 5 guys were so amazing! Which one treat me so fine… Thomas was hard to catch and took a picture, but he leave me and I loved it! Eric got the most sincere and happy smile in the world, so thankful cuz I gave him a flag! Anthony was to busy with a lot of fans, but he it’s to cute I can say… Colton got the sweetest voice in the world… He is short but also is an amazing person! And joey… He always was my first but now I love him so much more than I already loved! He is cute, leave me to hug him… Gave me a high five 👊👊 when I gave to him a Pikachu toy! I love this 5 boys… And I miss all of them! I need to meet they again!
An Paris scare me 😁😁😁


8 Piece Boyband sing Run by Leona Lewis on the x Factor UK

I’ll never get over this!

My life was a little bit confuse, so they come to my life together and make a mess with my head and all my music influences! I start to like of the so g “mirrors” I start to like a boyband with 8 guys!

The new boyband still without name! My sweets loves!

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The Vamps’ Music Videos

<3 love!!!

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get to know fifth harmony [insp]


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The Vamps’ Music Videos


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I can’t find words enough to say how thankful I’m for all the things you guys make for me for all this years, which one of you can turn my life so much better, your smile, eyes, voices, and advice! To me you are perfect! And my life became so much better since I know you! 
 It’s to hard to understand how people than you don’t even know can make you so better, but it’s not hard to explain, this is called LOVE! And MUSIC! Cuz music turn us best friends, a big amazing fun and 4 ever Family, Vamily! 
 I’m so proud of you, I’m so happy, and I’ll be forever be your fan! BACKSTREET BOYS don’t ever break up again please! BEA MILLER grow up and still be the girl you are, FIFTH HARMONY I believe you girls can change the world to a better place, IVO MOZART I’m so happy cuz I met you three times, MIDNIGHT RED you guys are my everything, you 5 need all the clubs in the world cuz you deserve that! UNION J my life it’s to make you guys happy! And…
 THE VAMPS, Connor, Bradley, James, Tristan, I still can’t understand how you four do what you do! You make me want share my love for you with everybody, the only thing I like to talk, the only people I want to see! You guys are amazing, your peculiar way to wear clothes, you obsession for gym, your lovely voice and skinny pants, your accent and eyes and Rex! I love all about you guys… And I I’ll work hard to meet you bc you are my life! And without you I can’t live!

Amei essa foto com todas as minhas forças! Sentimento nenhum explica!

Amei essa foto com todas as minhas forças! Sentimento nenhum explica!